Ellen Smith

A Piece Of The Story ... 

The Queens, NewYork native is an interdisciplinary artist, based in NewYork and Baltimore. Gooden received her BFA from The School of Visual Arts,NY in 2005. Gooden has exhibited her work though the Cooper Union SummerProgram, AC Institute Gallery, among other venues. Gooden has contributed to various projects including Design on A Dime and the Architectural Digest Exhibition and a plethora of commissions. 

Behind The  Work 

Gooden creates mixed media drawings 

and installations to present personal 

narratives through the use of 

texture, contrast, and transformed 

materials. The work intends to create 

an intimate dialogue with imagery, making

 use of nostalgic  and timeless sentiment 

through familiar gestures and forms.

The work leads with emotional 

undertones, sometimes inspired 

by literature and at different times 

responding to the artist’s lived 

experience. The work is a process of 

discovering and reinterpreting 

ideas of societal norms, the politics 

and stigmas found in sexuality, love, and

cultural value  systems. 

Gooden makes use of the 

organicpalettes  and natural textures 

found in wood,handmade paper, burlap,

 and other organic materials tocreate a 

constant connection among her diverse 

works and narratives. Italso enhances the 

subtleand distinct shifts from stark to 

delicate reads of her work.  

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