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The Queens, New York native is an interdisciplinary artist, based in New York and Baltimore. Gooden received her BFA from TheSchool of Visual Arts, NY in 2005. Gooden has exhibited her work though the Cooper Union Summer Program, AC Institute Gallery, among other venues. Gooden has contributed to various projects including Design on A Dime and the Architectural Digest Exhibition and a plethora of commissions.

behind the work ...

Gooden creates mixed media drawings and installations 

to present personal narratives through the use of texture, 

contrast, and transformed materials. The work intends to create 

an intimate dialogue with imagery, making use of nostalgic 

and timeless sentiment through familiar gestures and forms.

The work leads with emotional undertones, sometimes inspired 

by literature and at different times responding to the artist’s 

lived experience.The work is a process of discovering 

and reinterpreting ideas of societal norms, the politics 

and stigmas found in sexuality, love, and cultural value 

systems.Gooden makes use of the organic palettes 

and natural textures found in wood, handmade paper, burlap,

 and other organic materials to create a constant connection 

among her diverse works and narratives. It also enhances the 

subtle and distinct shifts from stark to delicate reads of her work.  



The Greenpoint Gallery


People's Choice Show

Curated by Shawn James 


AC Institute Gallery 

New York, NY


Curated by Qui Gonzalez + Mary Valverde 


Clayworks Gallery   

Baltimore, MD  

Putting The Pieces Together   

Curated by Sarah McCann


Housing Works      

New York, NY                

"Design On A Dime" Benefit 


Peter Louis Gallery

New York, NY                

Curated by Peter Louis 


D Center Baltimore

Baltimore, MD             

Women In Art Exhibition          

Curated by Sarah McCann


The Load of Fun Gallery 

Baltimore, MD 

What‘s Your War Exhibition

Curated by Oasa DuVerney + Sarah McCann


The Stadium School

Baltimore, MD         

Curated by Sarah McCann


Photographic Gallery 

New York, NY     

Curated by Zachariah Artstien


Visual Arts Gallery

New York, NY        

New York, New York World  

Curated by Jeanne Siegel + Gary Sherman 


School Of Visual Arts 

New York, NY                

B.F.A. Open Studios Exhibition


School Of Visual Arts 

New York, NY        

Open Studios Exhibition   



2019 |

Mural and framed artwork throughout Resturant 

Remede Pour L'amour

2017 |

Arielle Hill's  Remede Pour L'amour Lingerie line headquarters

Private Collection

2015 |

Nadia & Scott Tucker anniversary portrait

Private Collection

2011 |

Craig "Speedy" Claxton - Portrait for private residence

Private Collection

2011 |

Kevin Gill's portrait of family animal 

Private Collection

2010 |

Colson Taylor Horton's  paintings for private collection

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